iGan Partners invests in Quandl

Toronto, ON, September 14, 2012 – iGan Partners is pleased to announce an investment in Quandl.

The investment, led by iGan Partners Inc. with participation from a group of private investors, will fund further development of the company’s unique and innovative numerical data indexing technology as well as market research and feasibility studies.

About Quandl

Quandl is a revolutionary search engine that makes numerical data easy to find and easy to use. Quandl’s platform enables web users to quickly identify and download, in a user friendly format, user relevant data from the millions of data sets that are available for free on the internet. Quandl can help research analysts; business professionals, scientists; teachers, students and anyone in needs of rich data not only reach the relevant data faster but also tap in the multitude of data sets that become part of the Quandl database when they are identified as quality data sets by other Quandl users. For more information, please visit www.quandl.com