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Based in Toronto, we partner with exceptional founders focused on commercializing and scaling technological advancements in healthcare.

We provide portfolio companies with smart-capital, active support, and access to a network of industry partners and sector specific co-investors to help them grow and succeed.

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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Segmed – a real-world data platform that is simplifying access to medical imaging data – today announced the launch of their LLM-based data de-identification playground. This free-to-use tool, found at deid.segmed.ai, allows users to input text-based medical reports, and as an output...

What Founders Are Saying

“iGan Partners enabled Exact Imaging to get off the ground.  They provided insight, deal structure, and lead investment to get the ball rolling, and have been involved in every round of investment since.  iGan Partners has been instrumental in the growth and success of Exact Imaging.”

Randy AuCoin, President & CEO, Exact Imaging

What Founders Are Saying

Looking back, iGan Partners, decided to support me as a founder in 2012 when I launched MolecuLight.  Sam Ifergan and his team at iGan took a chance on me ! Over the years, they not only provided MolecuLight with the critical early capital for the company but along the way helped me learn about what it means to be a scientist-entrepreneur.  iGan Partners did not just invest in my company, they invested in me and my team. That made all the difference. I also know that it was Sam Ifergan and the iGan team who helped us get this important technology into the hands of clinicians to help people who are sick all over the world. As a scientist, inventor and founder, this is a very gratifying feeling that I know is shared by my iGan family too.

Ralph DaCosta, Founder & CSO, Moleculight

What Founders Are Saying

As first time founders, it was important to us to find investors that not only understood our vision, but could help us navigate the journey to develop and commercialize an innovative and disruptive technology. We could not be happier to have iGan as the first major investor in Flosonics Medical. The firm has been incredibly supportive, helpful, and insightful. Sam Ifergan’s journey from engineer to entrepreneur to investor gives his firm deep domain expertise and an experienced talent pool to draw from.    For any company looking to bring an innovative technology to market, we strongly endorse iGan Partners.

Joe Eibl, Co-Founder & CEO, Flosonics