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Our Philosophy

Providing capital and expertise to help scale leading healthcare innovations globally

iGan Partners is the largest venture capital firm investing  in Canada. We empower visionary founders with early-stage capital and true resources required to grow extraordinary, high-impact companies in Healthcare Technology, Digital Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Digital Health.

We are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, company builders, operators, and investors, bringing unique expertise and domain-specific knowledge to our investments.

Venture Capital
Venture Capital

Our Breadth Of Experiences And Balance Of Perspectives Support Our Commitments To Delivering Capital, Value Add, And Global Impacts To All Our Portfolio Companies.

We focus on building companies for the long-term; we create a supportive and robust ecosystem with the capital, the talent, and the management experience to bring startups and scale-ups to the next level.

We invest in Invest Seed - Series A stage companies and provide follow on funding through to exit.

iGan invests in disruptive sectors including:

We look to invest in companies that:

Significantly Improve Outcomes and Become Standard of Care

Substantially Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs

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