Health-care data in the cloud? Early adopter took a giant leap, and it paid off

The series: We look at decision makers among Canada’s mid-sized companies who took successful action in a competitive global digital economy.

Living up to the company’s name, Think Research’s Sachin Aggarwal thought ahead to what the future of health-care data could look like. But the outcome took a leap of faith.

“We took health-care data and put it into the cloud back in 2010, when that was completely unheard of,” says Mr. Aggarwal, who became the Toronto-based company’s chief executive officer in September of that year.

“It was when everyone was still putting servers in their basements.”

Founded in 2006, Think Research consolidates and provides data to doctors and other health-care providers and administrators.

“We bring knowledge to the bedside,” Mr. Aggarwal explains. “Medical records, billing systems, they’re really all databases. In a world of accelerating knowledge, solutions like ours are increasing in value.”

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