Sudbury-based biotech companies developing leading-edge apps

Sudbury-based biotech companies developing leading-edge apps

Flosonics Medical is a biotech company that has already received international attention for its invention, known as the Flopatch. It is a wireless and wearable sensor that uses ultrasound to monitor vital signs for critically ill patients. The Flopatch collects information on heart rate, pulse, blood flow and fluid levels and then transfers that information to a smartphone app so the patient can be monitored in real-time from anywhere on the planet.

“Imagine a patient who needed to be airlifted from a remote community on the James Bay coast,” Joe Eibl, CEO and co-founder of Flosonics Medical, said in a release. “If the nursing station in that community has the Flopatch, a critical care physician in Sudbury could be monitoring that patient as the helicopter is in transit.

“The doctor could be telling staff to do different things to help keep the patient stable and prevent their heart from stopping.”

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