Sciencescape is one of The Scientist’s “Top 10 Innovations” in life science in 2014

Toronto, ON, December 2, 2014 – TORONTO, Canada – The Scientist today unveiled the “Top 10 Innovations” of 2014 and selected Sciencescape, the most comprehensive platform for real-time streaming, exploration and sharing of peer-reviewed biomedical scientific papers, as one the winners of this award.

The Scientist invited members of the life science community to submit descriptions of exciting tools that made an impact in research this year and asked a panel of expert judges to evaluate the technologies. “The 2014 winners, including, represent an exceptional combination of ingenuity and technical advances,” said Rob D’Angelo, Publisher, The Scientist.

“We are thrilled that The Scientist and their expert panel has selected Sciencescape as one of the ‘Top 10 Innovations’ in life science,” says Sam Molyneux, Sciencescape’s co-founder and CEO. “This award is further recognition of the value of Sciencescape as a major new tool which provides researchers in life science and industry with a ubiquitous platform to track and explore their world of research. For the first time, with, a researcher can stream the latest scientific papers in any area of research by following people, journals, diseases, genes, applications, techniques, disease models, and therapeutics. In the end, Sciencescape’s goal is to allow researchers to stay abreast of the massive flow of published research and to allow a new paradigm of scientific literature discovery and sharing”.

Users can set up a free subscription simply by going to, registering and completing the quick personalization process. Real-time “paper streams” containing key newly published papers originating from one’s area of interest are immediately created. Users can also explore seminal papers throughout history and share important ones with their colleagues.

Full details on The Scientist and its announcement of the winners of the “Top 10 Innovations of 2014”, including,, can be found at

About Sciencescape Inc.

Sciencescape is a revolutionary platform that is radically changing the way researchers connect with the latest and most important publications, people, places and products relevant to their field. With an initial focus on the biomedical field, the sophisticated technology will allow Sciencescape to exploit various other markets. For more information, please visit