News Pick – As U.S. closes its doors, Canada has a chance to attract top talent – G&M


May 10, 2017 – “Silicon Valley is, and is likely to remain, the epicentre of the global tech industry. But with anti-immigration sentiment spreading across the United States – as President Donald Trump seeks to impose travel bans on citizens of other countries and to restrict the use of the H1B visas that allow foreigners to work in the United States – international talent has reason to feel unwanted. That provides an opportunity for other countries, and especially Canada, to attract the best and brightest minds. That was the sentiment at last week’s Collision conference, an annual gathering of startups and veterans in various fields within the technology industry. A number of talks at the New Orleans event focused on how the Trump administration might impact the U.S. technology industry, with titles like “The importance of immigration to Silicon Valley,” “The first 100 days: How has Trump affected tech?” and “Regulation and the new administration.”” Read more at The Globe and Mail