News Pick – Ten Billion Dollar Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of – WSJ

blog_images_bdollarFeb 18, 2015 “Many members of The Journal’s Billion Dollar Startup Club are now well-known names, including car-hailing app Uber, messaging-service SnapChat and scrap-booking site Pinterest. But among the 73 global companies valued at $1 billion or more are some lesser-known ones from around the globe. Here are 10:


Location: Amsterdam

Latest valuation: $1.5 billion (December 2014)

Total equity funding:
$500 million

CEO: Peter van der Does

Year founded: 2006

Peter van der Does had grown weary of apologizing for mistakes he wasn’t responsible for. His startup Bibit processed credit-card payments on behalf of merchants using the the existing technology of established banks. When problems arose—such as double-billing—Bibit was the first place merchants called after customers realized the mistake.”

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