News Pick – 2017 Tech IPOs are on a tear compared to last year – TechCrunch

Snap IPO

May 1, 2017 – “By this time last year, one tech company had gone public. Already this year, nine tech companies have gone public on U.S. exchanges. Needless to say, public exits are looking up. That comparison becomes starker when you compare SecureWorks, 2016’s first IPO, to Snap, which went public in 2017. SecureWorks priced under range, and it has since fallen nearly 38 percent from its IPO price. Snap, in contrast, priced above range and then saw its share price quickly ascend. It’s too early to compare 2017’s IPO crop closely to 2016’s. That said, we can still parse out some interesting numbers from the cadre of newly public tech companies in 2017. So, under that edict, let’s explore.” Read more at TechCrunch