News Pick – Canadian VC funding for startups hits record as U.S. investors tighten their wallets – FP


May 3, 2016 “It’s a good time to be a startup, as long as you’re in Canada.

Canadian startups raised a record amount of money in the first quarter of 2016, according to PitchBook Data, which tracks venture capital and private-equity investments. That’s a notable achievement when venture capitalists in the U.S. are tightening their purse strings. The first three months of 2016 saw the lowest number of U.S. venture deals in four years.

Private companies in Canada raised $881 million across 103 rounds of funding in the first quarter, thanks in part to big deals closed by startups Blockstream Corp., Real Matters Inc. and Buildscale Inc., owner of Vidyard. DalCor Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. and Toronto-based health care company Medgate Inc. roped in $100 million each, according to PitchBook.” Read full story at Financial Post