News Pick – Canada counters Silicon Valley talent raid with fresh funding for AI – G&M

Trudeau at Velocity

March 29, 2017 – “Canada is bracing for an intense global technology race as Ottawa, the provinces and corporations pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the burgeoning artificial intelligence sector in a bid to keep the country competitive as it faces technological changes in the years ahead. On Tuesday, Quebec commit­ ted $100­million to support Montreal’s flourishing AI sector after last week’s $125­ million commitment by the Canadian government to fund free­standing AI research institutes in each of Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton as part of a Canadawide strategy. The goals of the institutes are to compel Canada’s best and brightest AI talent to stay in Canada; to attract the world’s best researchers; to train legions of AI practitioners to fill a chronic shortage; to foster commercialization of AI­ driven startups; and to work with corporate Canada to improve operations by using AI.” Read more at The Globe and Mail