eSight launches its next gen assistive design

Leading vision-enhancement platform, eSight, announces the launch of its latest innovation in assistive technology, eSight Go. The wearable device sets a new standard for enhanced vision technology through its heightened visual clarity, lightweight design and expansive field of view, helping those with central vision loss gain independence in their everyday life.

“We’ve spent the past year vastly improving the capacity and design of our digital eyewear, not only to help enhance vision for our visually impaired users, but so they can enjoy an enriched and fulfilling livelihood in the most seamless way possible,” said eSight director of product marketing Roland Mattern. “We gathered feedback from our eSight 4 users and coaches to thoughtfully craft the best device possible that is sleek, lightweight and comfortable for everyday use. We look forward to connecting with qualified candidates and changing lives for those living with central vision loss.”

Used by thousands of people across the globe with over 20 different eye conditions, eSight devices use a combination of hardware and software to enhance vision through a nimble, wearable design that does not restrict a wearer’s full periphery. eSight Go is designed for 100 percent mobility retention, allowing people to use the technology while at school, work, home and enjoying time with friends and family.

Comparable to eSight 4, eSight Go utilizes best-match camera and lens technology to project a superior image onto two high resolution screens for full binocular vision. eSight Go users can personalize adjustable color and contrast settings on the internal-facing OLED screens. A wider field of view (45 degrees) incorporates a user’s natural peripheral capacity to amplify existing vision for unmatched mobility.

New features also include:

*Improved software with simplified navigation and image stabilization.

* Higher quality camera with 12-megapixel resolution and 4k capability and full HD OLED monitors to provide users with the clearest picture possible.

*Comfortable neck battery pack that redistributes 170 grams across the neck.