eSight Go Listed As One Of The Top Wearables At CES 2023 – Digital Trends

eSight was recently featured in the article, “The best smartwatches and wearables of CES 2023” by Digital Trends. Andy Boxall covered the story about eSight Go launch at CES 2023 and highlighted its new design and features. 

The All New eSight Go

Compared to all of its preceding models, eSight Go offers a whole new look and comes with a much improved body & frame that can be worn daily without any issues.

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eSight Go comes with a new battery pack that sits comfortably around the wearer’s neck, reducing the weight of eSight significantly. 

“The new lightweight eSight Go model is designed to be easier to wear in more everyday situations.” Boxall said. 

In addition, the eSight Go weighs just 170 grams, which is a massive reduction in weight compared to the current model, eSight 4, which weighs 560 grams. Wearing a significantly lighter frame on the nose and ears allows the wearer to move about more comfortably. 

eSight Go also comes with an improved image stabilization module – giving a clearer image & reducing motion blur due to movements users make while using increasing magnification settings.

“The big thing for me, the technological advancement, is it has a really, really good image stabilization system in it. One of our coaches drove with his wife down to CES from Los Angeles and he could actually read in the car with the device on, which he wasn’t able to do while wearing eSight 4.” said Roland Mattern, the Director of Sales and Marketing at eSight in another article by Digital Trends covering eSight Go.

Support and Training offered by eSight

Support & Training by eSight

Although the eSight technology can’t be used by everyone, Mattern noted that with the correct screening process, eSight has seen an excellent success rate. Potential users can use eSight’s Free Consultation service to check if they’re the right fit for the eSight device. 

Mattern added that all anyone needs to be functional with the eSight glasses is an hour of training. Moreover, eSight’s brilliant Coaching team is available anytime to help the patients with any help or queries they might have. 

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Finally, if you or your loved one wants to try eSight and go through the easy screening process, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight.