Bio-Hermes Clinical Trial Launches to Compare Biomarker Tests; Seeks Rapid, Less Expensive Diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease

Washington, DC (April 20, 2021) – Today, the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation® (GAP) announced eleven biopharma, technology, and nonprofit partners who are contributing to GAP’s Bio-Hermes Study. Bio-Hermes is the first-ever platform study to compare results of blood and digital biomarker tests, including digital cognitive and voice assessments, with the results of brain amyloid PET scans and traditional cognitive tests. GAP’s Bio-Hermes Study database will allow scientists to assess the ability of each biomarker, or combination of biomarkers, to prognosticate the accumulation of amyloid in the brain – the hallmark of Alzheimer’s. Use of biomarkers could lead to earlier and more frequent detection of amyloid in the brain, prompting those affected to seek early intervention, including participation in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s prevention or treatment.

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