Bellingham Urology Group Acquires First ExactVu in Washington State for Real-Time Targeted Prostate Biopsies

TORONTO, CANADA —  Exact Imaging (, the world’s leader in high resolution micro-ultrasound systems enabling real-time imaging and biopsy guidance for the prostate, announced that Bellingham Urology Group has acquired the ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound system for real-time targeted prostate biopsies. This is the first of its kind in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

“At Bellingham Urology Group, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care, and investments in the newest imaging technologies to allow our physicians to achieve these outcomes is essential”, says Dr. Vernon Orton, one of Washington’s most experienced urologic robotic surgeons. “Our acquisition of this ExactVu high resolution micro-ultrasound system will allow our urologists to actually visualize suspicious regions with 300% the image resolution of conventional ultrasound systems, and then target their prostate biopsies in real-time. Bellingham Urology Group patients will benefit from this excellent new platform that will allow us to ultimately improve our biopsies with the end goal of allowing our physicians to more accurately diagnose significant prostate cancer.” Dr. Orton adds “The ExactVu micro-ultrasound system is a paradigm shift in real-time imaging striving to get even more accurate biopsies using the highest resolution modalities to enable the fastest, most detailed imaging of the prostate. With the system’s FusionVu™ feature, we can also align the patient’s prostate MRI with the live micro-ultrasound image to either perform Cognitive Assist™ or micro-ultrasound/MRI fusion-guided biopsies, all with the benefit of the 70-micron resolution of micro-ultrasound. This allows us to see lesions that were unseen with our older technologies.”

“We are thrilled to have Bellingham Urology Group as the first practice in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to adopt our ExactVu micro-ultrasound platform,” says Randy AuCoin, Exact Imaging’s President and CEO. “The ExactVu micro-ultrasound system provides the highest real-time resolution for targeted prostate biopsies and through this progressive urology practice, patients in the Northwestern U.S. can now have access to micro-ultrasound for their prostate biopsies”.

The ExactVu customer base is growing globally as the urological community is recognizing the power of micro-ultrasound for providing excellent resolution for visualizing the prostate and providing real-time targeted guidance of prostate biopsies in a manner that is fast, cost-effective, and convenient for the patient.

About Exact Imaging

Exact Imaging ( is the world’s leader in high-resolution micro-ultrasound systems enabling real-time imaging and guided biopsies in the urological market for prostate cancer. Exact Imaging’s ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound platform operates at 29 MHz and enables a whole new level of resolution with the benefits of ease of use, affordability, and is an extension of the current urological workflow. Using the Exact Imaging platform, urologists are able to visualize areas of interest in the prostate and specifically target biopsies at those areas. For those cases where MRI might assist, the FusionVu™ micro-US/MRI fusion application operates on the ExactVu micro-ultrasound platform and facilitates fast, simple MRI fusion-based targeting with the guidance of the micro-ultrasound system’s 70-micron real-time resolution. The ExactVu micro-ultrasound system including the FusionVu application have received regulatory approval in the European Union (CE Mark), the United States (FDA 510(k)) and Canada (Health Canada medical device license).

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