How AI Will Make Your Doctor Smarter

By: Allan Ripp

Hassan Tetteh has one of the coolest-sounding jobs in medicine. His official title is Warfighter Health Mission Chief for the Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. The Pentagon established the JAIC, or “Jake” as he pronounces it, in 2018 to ensure that America’s combat operations don’t fall behind rivals in using machine learning to enhance troop readiness, cybersecurity, joint maneuvers and “lethality.”

Dr. Tetteh, 49, heads the JAIC’s health mission. A decorated Navy captain, he’s also a cardiothoracic surgeon who has deployed in Afghanistan and on warships in the Persian Gulf as well as at Walter Reed hospital. He’s an unabashed medical “nerd,” part of a cadre of physicians board-certified in clinical informatics—the use of statistics and information technology to improve patient care.

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