News Pick – The Internet of Things Is Here, and It Isn’t a Thing – WSJ


August 21, 2016 – “Everyone is waiting for the Internet of Things. The funny thing is, it is already here. Contrary to expectation, though, it isn’t just a bunch of devices that have a chip and an internet connection. The killer app of the Internet of Things isn’t a thing at all—it is services. And they are being delivered by an unlikely cast of characters: Uber Technologies Inc., SolarCity Corp., ADT Corp., and Comcast Corp., to name a few. One recent entrant: the Brita unit of CloroxCorp., which just introduced a Wi-Fi-enabled “smart” pitcher that can re-order its own water filters.” Read more at WSJ

News Pick – Silicon Valley’s Next Phase is Focusing on Viable Business Models Over Rapid Growth – FP


June 30, 2016 – “We lived through 2015 with venture subsidy — you could get cheap rides, cheap food, cheap everything because the VCs were funding it,” says Sean Behr, chief executive of Zirx. “Not any more.”

There has been a marked shift in Silicon Valley’s investment climate. The region’s VC-funded innovation machine has always judged rising stars on the strength of their revenue growth rates. Suddenly, however, even the most high-profile unicorns — start-ups valued at more than $1bn — have started to obsess about a different metric: profits.” Read more at Financial Post



June 17, 2016 – “Rob Kenedi sits down with Sam Ifergan, managing partner of iGan Partners & Rowanwood Ventures. Sam discusses iGan’s multiple forms of investment – syndicate and early stage venture capital, their focus on B2B businesses, especially SaaS, as well as medical devices and healthcare IT. Sam details iGan’s focus on early stage companies and how he believes the iGan model is superior to simply raising angel investment, his rationale for focusing only in Ontario, and how his history colours his team’s choices in the startups they choose to partner with.” Read more at Betakit

News Pick – Toronto is poised to become the next great producer of tech startups – TC

torontoJune 12, 2016 – “…the city has all the markings of a world-class hub for technology startups and reminds me a lot of how New York City felt in the early 2000s when I moved back from the Bay Area — simmering with entrepreneurial talent, opportunity and a strong foundation to support it. I think Toronto is poised to contend as one of the biggest North American hubs for technology startup activity over the next five-10 years. On a recent visit, a native Toronto entrepreneur explained why she thought I may be picking up on these undertones: “Toronto always had the talent, but it was historically recruited away. Today, the city is recapturing more of those people who left to work in the Valley or elsewhere, and they’re coming back to build businesses back home.” Here are few reasons why Toronto is well positioned to make this transition.” Read more at TechCrunch

News Pick – $5B Software Company with No Sales Staff – BB


May 23, 2016 – “Atlassian sold $320 million worth of business software last year without a single sales employee. Everyone else in the industry noticed. Brandon Cipes, vice president for information systems at OceanX, has spent enough time in senior IT positions to hate sales calls. “It’s like buying a car—a process that seemingly should be so simple, but every time I have to, it’s like a five- to six-hour ordeal,” he says. “Most of our effort is trying to get the salespeople to leave us alone.” Cipes didn’t always feel that way, though. Back in 2013, he was used to the routine. His conversion began when he e-mailed business-software maker Atlassian, asking the company to send him a sales rep, and it said no…” Read full story at Bloomberg


iGan Partners Backed Quandl, Raises USD$12M Series B Round

September 12, 2016 – “Quandl, one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms for financial, economic and alternative data, today announced the completion of a $12 million Series B financing round led by Nexus Venture Partners. August Capital, who led Quandl’s Series A financing, also participated in the round. In conjunction with the funding round, Naren Gupta, Founder of Nexus Venture Partners, has joined Quandl’s Board of Directors. Quandl’s funding now totals $20 million. Quandl will use the funding to expand its coverage of “alternative” data – data that offers predictive insights for capital markets, but has not been previously used in the finance industry.” (more…)

Brightcove Launches New Video Content Marketplace in Partnership with Vemba

May 16, 2016 – ” Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), the leading provider of cloud services for video, announced today at Brightcove’s PLAY 2016 the launch of a content marketplace powered by Vemba Inc., a next generation video distribution and content discovery platform for premium publishers. The Vemba marketplace tightly integrates with Brightcove’s Video Cloud, expanding content libraries and creating new revenue streams for media companies. The marketplace will be available to select media customers as part of Brightcove’s Video Cloud later this quarter.” (more…)

Meta is Trying to Save Scientists from Information Overload

March 31, 2016 – “Aew years ago, Sam Molyneux was finally finishing up a research paper he had spent three years working on at Princess Margaret Hospital. But when it came time to be submit, he found out that his research had already been scooped and published six months ago. “We realized that this problem is rampant in the science community. Everyone is unaware of what’s going on unless you’re spending a significant portion of your day just looking at the horizon,” said his sister Amy Molyneux. The Molyneux siblings are the founders of Meta, formerly known as ScienceScape. Since 1809, 25 million biomedical research papers have been published, while the Internet has made it easier than ever to continue publishing — which also means that scientists struggle to make sense of the information. Meta’s publication-agnostic big data platform uses machine learning to organize the information in those papers and deliver it to different industries within science depending on their interest.” (more…)

Canadian Startup Limelight Launches Live Marketing Platform, Closes $3.1M in Seed Funding

Startup’s Growth Driven by F500 Companies Looking for Greater Live Marketing ROI; Limelight Signs on BMW, Scotiabank, Mercedes-Benz to Growing Client List

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – January 13, 2016) “Canadian martech company Limelight Platform Inc. today announced it has successfully closed $3.1 million in seed funding in its first year. The marketing automation technology company is providing F500 clients with the world’s first end-to-end platform to optimize their live marketing activities at every touchpoint with consumers.

A cloud-based solution, Limelight lets marketers prove and improve the ROI of every ‘live marketing’ experience, defined as every face-to-face interaction between a brand and consumer. Through Limelight, brands can plan, build, communicate and measure campaigns in one place, replacing point solutions and custom work from a multitude of vendors. The live marketing automation platform gives brands the control to track and optimize the performance of live marketing activities such as experiential programs, test drives, trade shows, sponsorships, sampling programs and branded consumer events. Watch how Limelight works here.” (more…)

SceneDoc, Limelight, FlipGive are some of Canada’s hottest startups (Mark Evans)

January 6, 2015 – “Nevertheless, let’s collectively create a list of Canada’s hottest startups. I have bravely ventured into the fray by tapping into a variety of sources: Metabridge, Branham’s Up & Coming ICT, Deloitte’s Companies to Watch, PWC’s Vision to Reality Awards and 48 Hours in Valley’s 2015 cohort, and adding some personal choices…

Limelight Platform…” Mark Evans (See the full list here)


iGan Partners, along with its sister fund Rowanwood Ventures, invests in emerging tech companies.
With a focus on Digital Health and B2B SaaS, we invest in dynamic management teams, empowering them to build impactful businesses. We have built large successful companies and understand the challenges facing growing businesses, having faced them ourselves. We provide early stage companies with smart capital, a unique active management approach and exclusive access to a network of industry partners and sector specific co-investors to help them succeed.


Early Stage

We build lasting partnerships with founders and managers of great businesses. These partnerships are formed after the company has raised some seed capital, developed proof of concept or obtained market validation. We typically invest in Pre-Series A or Series A rounds and reserve capital for follow-on investments.


We take a unique active management approach with all our portfolio companies. With a strong network of industry partners and co-investors, we ensure our portfolio companies have the sufficient funds and network that will support their growth to a successful exit. We provide ongoing advice, help build management teams, and secure key customers when needed.


Internet & Software

Data-driven SaaS and B2B platforms.

Digital Health

Healthcare IT and Medical devices


Powerful web technology that helps businesses identify devices, and consumers across devices.


Breakthrough electronic eyewear that enable the legally blind to actually see.

Exact Imaging

World's first high frequency micro-ultrasound that provides unmatched resolution to visualize, detect and treat prostate cancer.


Sports fundraising and marketing platform that allows sports teams to raise funds and brands to acquire customers.

LimeLight Platform

Live marketing and automation platform, enabling data collection, microsites, email campaigns and more.


Big-data company that uses machine intelligence to solve core research information challenges for academics and industries.


Handheld optical imaging device that enables the visualization of bacteria in real-time at the point of care.


Search engine for numerical data that offers access to millions of financial, economic, and social datasets.


Mobile investigation and field documentation platform for public safety and law enforcement agencies.

Think Research

Knowledge-based platform offering tools and leading clinical content for clinicians to provide the best evidence-based care.


Intelligent video exchange and recommendation platform for digital publishers, content creators and brands.

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