News Pick – Silicon Valley: Inside the winners’ circle – FT

threebigJuly 2, 2015 ” ‘As tech groups shy away from IPOs, the wealth created goes only to those with the right access’ … ‘By staying private, there is no need to waste time on sweating over quarterly earnings reports. “In public markets, you can lose the long-term view to focus on the short term,’ says Mr Lin. And with investors lining up to pour cash into companies like Credit Karma, which has sucked in nearly $370m so far, the pressure to conform to Wall Street is off. ‘You can still raise the dollars in relatively short order, and still have the benefits of being a private company.’ ” Read the full article at FT

News Pick – Why This Tech Bubble is Less Scary – WSJ

bublJuly 1, 2015 “Is tech in a bubble? I think so. The signs are all around us. The good news is, it’s nothing like the last one. Plus, for reasons that go beyond the usual impossibilities of economic prognostication, no one can say for sure what’s going on. Many people seem to find this reassuring, but we would be wise to heed the lesson that a lack of transparency about the mechanics of a market rarely leads anywhere good… Startups are staying private longer than ever… there’s no longer a bright line where a company moves from being a venture-backed startup to, ‘We’re only a public company’ ” Read full article at WSJ

News Pick – Fear of Losing Out Drives Deal Boom – WSJ

M&AJune 30, 2015 “Companies are merging at a pace unseen in nearly a decade. Halfway through the year, about $2.15 trillion in M&A deals or offers have been announced globally, according to Dealogic. That puts 2015 on pace to challenge the biggest year on record, 2007, when companies inked deals worth $4.3 trillion.” Read the full article at WSJ

News Pick – How Automation is Shaking Up the Advertising Industry – G&M

networkJun 29, 2015 “As anyone with a computer or a smartphone knows, advertising is everywhere online. How ads are bought, displayed, tracked and sold is critical to just about every player on the Internet, from giants like Facebook and Google to the smallest publisher. And that process is going through a revolution that is already having sweeping implications, from how ads are targeted to consumers, to what safeguards are needed to prevent fraud… It is comparable to a stock market, though instead of trading shares, these markets trade digital ad space, or impressions.” – Read full article at G&M

Check out this Amazing TED Talk – Why startups succeed

billJune 23, 2015 Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed


Canada’s busiest angel group has a knack for picking good startups and even a home run or two

Toronto, ON, September 8, 2015 – In a recent study on angel investing activity in 2014, the National Angel Capital Organization ranked Toronto-based Igan Partners as Canada’s busiest angel group — No. 1 for total capital invested and No. 3 for number of investments.

You’d be forgiven, for not knowing who they are, although they won’t be unknown much longer. Comprised of a group of angels who have been investing together for a decade, Igan Partners is now completing a $50-million raise for a second fund. And at least one of the seven companies in its first fund could become a household name: eSight Corp. produces a high-definition headset that helps the legally blind go back to work, rock-climb, or see their loved ones for the first time. (more…)

NACO Ranks iGan Partners as Top Angel Group by Amount Invested

Toronto, ON, June 30, 2015 With the release of the National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) 2014 report on the angel asset class in Canada, iGan Partners is ranked first among other angel groups by dollar amount invested. Find the report here

iGan Partners’ Fund, Rowanwood Ventures completes first close of its $50M Fund

Venture capital firm will focus on converging internet / software and digital health sectors in Canada

Toronto, ON, June 11, 2015 iGan Partners announced today the launch of its new Rowanwood Ventures Fund, Rowanwood Investment Fund II, LP (“Fund II”), a $50 million Canadian early stage venture capital fund focused on the converging digital health and internet / software sectors.

iGan Partners leads $4M investment into SceneDoc with Motorola Ventures

Toronto, ON, January 22, 2015. SceneDoc Inc., a Toronto-based law enforcement and public safety software provider, announced today the completion of a $4 million Series A round of funding led by iGan Partners (Toronto, Ontario), with participation from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital (Schaumburg, Illinois) and a group of angel investors. (more…)

eSight in The Globe and Mail

Toronto, ON, January 15, 2015. Last September, that question was posed to Torontonian Tom Emrich at the Designers of Things wearable technology conference in San Francisco – a city many think of as the birthplace of latest tech and startups. The query took Mr. Emrich aback, but it confirmed his feeling that something magical was happening back home. Canada is pushing the limits of wearable technology, and Toronto in particular has become a hotbed, experiencing a flurry of activity and curiosity in this space. (more…)

Rowanwood Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund managed by iGan Partners.
With a focus on internet, software, and digital health, we invest in dynamic management teams, empowering them to build impactful businesses. We have been through the process of building large successful companies and understand the challenges facing growing businesses, having faced them ourselves. We provide early stage companies with smart capital, a unique active management approach and exclusive access to a network of industry partners and sector specific co-investors to help them build the next big company.


Early Stage

We build lasting partnerships with founders and managers of great businesses. These partnerships are formed after the company has raised some seed capital, developed proof of concept or obtained market validation. We typically invest in Pre-Series A or Series A rounds and reserve capital for follow-on investments.


We take a unique active management approach with all our portfolio companies. With a strong network of industry partners and co-investors, we ensure our portfolio companies have the sufficient funds and network that will support their growth to a successful exit. We provide ongoing advice, help build management teams, and secure key customers when needed.


Internet & Software

Data-driven SaaS and B2B platforms.

Digital Health

Healthcare IT and Medical devices


Mobile investigation and field documentation platform for public safety and law enforcement agencies.


Intelligent video exchange and recommendation platform for digital publishers, content creators and brands.


Breakthrough electronic eyewear that enable the legally blind to actually see.


Research discovery platform that organizes and delivers biomedical research relevant to researchers in real-time.


Handheld optical imaging device that enables the visualization of bacteria in real-time at the point of care.

Exact Imaging

World's first high frequency micro-ultrasound that provides unmatched resolution to visualize, detect and treat prostate cancer.


Search engine for numerical data that offers access to millions of financial, economic, and social datasets.


Sports fundraising and marking platform that allows sports teams to raise funds and brands to acquire customers.

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