Dr. Ronnie Aronson

Dr. Ronnie Aronson is an Endocrinologist, researcher and founder of LMC Diabetes and Endocrinology
(LMC). Dr. Aronson led the growth of LMC to become the largest practice group of Endocrinologists
globally and steered the sale of LMC to a Canadian private equity group (Persistence Capital) in 2014.

The LMC clinics support > 60 Endocrinologists, and provide care to > 45,000 people with
diabetes, supported by diabetes‚Äźspecialized educators, pharmacists, podiatrists and optometrists.
Dr. Aronson continues to steer the medical care and faculty growth at LMC, in his continuing role as
Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Aronson has served as Principal Investigator in >300 clinical trials in diabetes and its
complications. His own research focus has centred on individuals who are challenged to achieve
optimal diabetes health outcomes. He has led projects that have defined their barriers, validated
new devices, and developed novel tools and strategies to assess/overcome these barriers.