Our purpose is to be a catalyst for change in healthcare by helping dynamic entrepreneurs with proven healthcare technologies to succeed and grow.


We invest in healthcare because it’s where we think we can have the greatest impact on the world. We believe that despite remarkable progress (e.g., vaccines, imaging, diagnostics, EMRs, minimally invasive surgery etc), we continue to face major challenges in healthcare on a global basis.


Healthcare spending continues to rise far faster than GDP while outcomes fail to improve. Access to quality care is a huge challenge in middle and low-income economies, an is also constrained in most wealthy countries (e.g. wait times and hallway-medicine).


The healthcare sector is ripe for innovation, change and disruption. We believe that when care is required, it must be diagnosed accurately and efficiently and providers must be well-informed and well-coordinated.

Our Thesis

We believe that Technology, Data, Analytics & Connectivity are central to improving the accuracy, efficiency, quality and affordability of care – these are the ‘pick & shovels’ of health systems transformation.​