iGan Partners COVID-19 Relief Programs

To support the community during COVID-19, iGan Partners has selected 20 organizations including hospitals and local food banks that support frontline healthcare workers and food security. iGan has committed $36,000 to supporting these organizations and we are hoping that you will also support them.

We have taken great care in selecting these charities.  They are high impact and directly go to frontline workers or people with food insecurity.  Please join us in supporting our ecosystem. Any amount is well appreciated, and we hope that together we can make a strong impact during these tough times.

CAMH is developing a coordinated response to emerging mental health needs including addiction amongst health care workers who are impacted by COVID-19.

Canadian Feed The Children works to improve the lives of children and families through community-led activities in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and Indigenous communities in Canada. The programs focus on food security, nutrition education, access to quality education, income generation and livelihood activities to provide sustainable solutions and a way to break the cycle of poverty.

Daily Bread Food Bank is providing people living on low income with the best service and food possible. Daily Bread provides food support to member agencies’ food banks but they also provide homemade meals to agencies that operate shelters or drop-in programs.

Feed It Forward helps make a difference in the lives of fellow Canadians who are in need of assistance with securing nutritious food and regular balanced meals. iGan has donated $1800 to Feed It Forward.

For just $30, Feed Ontario will provide an Emergency Food Box that will supply enough food to help someone in need stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis for a full week.

Feed the Frontlines TO is supporting local restaurants with large meal orders for Toronto’s frontline staff. Our local restaurant workers stay employed and our frontline staff are well-fed and nourished with the spirit of the community - it’s a two-fer! iGan has donated $1800 to Feed the Frontlines TO.

Hand Up Toronto presents: Hand Up for Kids - an initiative created in response to the COVID - 19 impacts on the Toronto community, with a particular focus towards alleviating food insecurity. This initiative aims to provide healthy meals to low-income households with children and vulnerable youths that are in need. 

Donations to the Family Support Fund will help families to access $1,000 so that they can get the equipment that keeps their child alive and safe, and the vital medications their child relies on but are not covered by government or insurance plans.

Parkdale Community Food Bank is providing nutritional support to those who are unable to meet their dietary needs, in a place of dignity. Continues to service clients during this challenging time for the community.

iGan portfolio company, ResQ, has launched a program to purchase meals from restaurants to donate to frontline workers at hospitals and grocery stores across the GTA.

In this urgent time of crisis, Second Harvest is an emergency service providing fresh perishable food to frontline hunger-relief organizations across Canada. They focus on healthy food like produce, dairy, and proteins, the foods that are hardest to access for low-income people.

During this time of crisis for all Canadian hospitals, your support of SickKids Foundation has never been more important. Your donations will fund highest priority needs – including urgent measures to combat COVID-19. You can help provide support for three key areas: COVID-19 Research Initiatives, Clinical care and Frontline Staff, Patients and Families. iGan has donated $1800 to Sick Kids Foundation.

StayWell Suites Charity is providing local, comfortable housing at a reduced cost for frontline healthcare workers and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Michael's Hospital Foundation has an urgent need for food vouchers, clothes, toiletries, phones and data plans. For palliative care patients, it’s tablets to speak with loved ones who can no longer stay by their side. For St. Michael’s frontline staff who are working around the clock to care for patients, it’s food and other essentials to keep them going.

Every day, over one million Canadian students eat a healthy meal at school—until summer vacation begins. When school’s out, these kids miss out and now also while schools are closed down due to COVID-19. summerlunch+ wants to change that. iGan has donated $1800 to summerlunch+.

From their origins as one of Canada’s first food banks in the 1980’s, The Stop Community Food Centre has shifted its resources away from community programming and towards emergency food access services.

Trillium Health Partners requires urgent support for the most pressing needs of the hospital and staff as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. In this period of heightened need, they will rely more than ever on their systems and hospitals.

iGan has been inspired by Captain Martin Maxwell and his story to donate to True Patriot Love Foundation to help our veterans and military during the COVID-19 pandemic. True Patriot Love Foundation is a national charity dedicated to providing Canadian military and Veteran families with the support they need and the hope they deserve.

Women’s College Hospital Foundation has established an emergency fund to help the hospital cope with the unforeseen challenges of supporting front-line workers. The unrestricted Women’s College Hospital COVID-19 Response Fund will support the highest priority needs not covered by government funding.