News Pick – 4 reasons you should move your startup to Toronto today – Business Insider


April 12, 2017 – “In the world of professional sports, the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB, and the Toronto Raptors of the NBA proudly embrace the city they represent with the rallying cry: “We The North.” And in the entertainment industry, Drake is putting Toronto on the global map with songs painting a vivid picture of a city (“The Six”) that has finally found its voice. But it’s not just athletes and celebrities that are shining the spotlight on Toronto as a world-class city. As President Trump’s strict immigration policies and H-1B visa restrictions begin to isolate the United States, Toronto has emerged as a beacon of cultural inclusion, economic prosperity, and political stability. The fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is the driving force behind Canada’s distinction as the second best country to live in on the planet. Combined, all of these factors have culminated in an exploding tech scene in Toronto. And as Executive Vice President of Venture Services at the world’s leading innovation hub, I’ve seen firsthand why more tech talent and more startups are choosing to move “north of the border.” Read more at Business Insider

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