Toronto, the Quietly Booming Tech Town

By Cade Metz TORONTO — In late February, Microsoft opened four floors of new office space near the top of a 50-story glass tower in downtown Toronto, a block from Scotiabank Arena, home of the Maple Leafs and the Raptors. Apple and Amazon were already in towers just down the street, and Google was about […]

Will AI turbocharge the hunt for new drugs?

By Hannah Kuchler In January 2020, as doctors struggled to treat the first coronavirus patients, data scientists and biochemists at BenevolentAI turned to artificial intelligence to hunt for a drug to help. The researchers had only a few clues about how the new virus operated. They fed them to their algorithm and set it to […]

‘Tech wreck’ looks more like another dotcom bubble bursting

By Robin Wigglesworth At what point does the slump in US technology stocks stop being dismissed as a mere “tech wreck” primarily centred on the most speculative companies and become considered a fully-fledged dotcom crash 2.0? The combination of increasingly hawkish central banks and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been toxic for equity markets this […]

The New Trend in Healthcare: Do-It-Yourself

By: Betsy Morris Two years into a pandemic that has strained health systems and made booking doctors’ appointments next-to-impossible for some, patients are providing more of their own care at home. [Read the full article]

Time for healthcare to make better use of data

By: Benjamin Fels From Palo Alto to Dar es Salaam, healthcare is high tech when it comes to objects, but remarkably low tech in the effective algorithmic use of data. The application of machine learning to the health of individuals should be the principal focus for technologists focused on the power of artificial intelligence. [Read […]

How AI Will Make Your Doctor Smarter

By: Allan Ripp Hassan Tetteh has one of the coolest-sounding jobs in medicine. His official title is Warfighter Health Mission Chief for the Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. The Pentagon established the JAIC, or “Jake” as he pronounces it, in 2018 to ensure that America’s combat operations don’t fall behind rivals in using […]

Regulatory Hurdles Block a Cancer Miracle

By Allysia Finley Scientific breakthroughs are sometimes a matter of serendipity. Eight years ago Meredith Halks-Miller, a pathologist at the genetic-screening company Illumina , stumbled on something unusual while running prenatal blood tests for fetal chromosomal abnormalities. In some blood samples, the fetal genes were normal but the maternal DNA wasn’t. Illumina alerted pregnant women’s […]

Tech Advances Put The Annual Doctor Visit On The Critical List

By Ron Winslow The Future of Everything covers the innovation and technology transforming the way we live, work and play, with monthly issues on education, money, cities and more. This month is Health, online starting Sept. 3 and in the paper on Sept. 10. Shortly after his office closed in the early months of the pandemic, Paul Hyman, a primary care […]