Scenedoc listed among the GovTech 100

By Government Technology
The GovTech 100 is an annual list compiled and published by Government Technology as a compendium of 100 companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the United States. In 2017, as detailed in this feature-length story, the gov tech market brought bigger deals, more investment, new companies and many fresh new innovations that moved the needle in the public sector. We encourage you to explore the companies below and check out the 2018 GovTech 100 in our new interactive (and searchable) ecosystem map. (Read more …) 

eSight nominated as a finalist for 7th annual Canadian Innovation Awards

By Techvibes
The Canadian Innovation Awards celebrate the best and brightest in the Canadian technology community. Now in its seventh year, the awards acknowledge outstanding startups, innovative businesses and influential individuals. Community Nominations Nov 24 – Dec 22, 2017 Use the nomination form at the top of this page to submit names for each category. The finalists will be selected from the nominated companies. Community Vote Jan 5 – Feb 2, 2018 The voting will commence with the announcement of the category finalists. Each community member will be able to vote once per category. Celebration Feb 22, 2018 The winners will be announced live during the awards gala and celebration at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on February 22. (Vote here …) 

eSight wants to help 50 million people living with vision loss see by 2020

Toronto-based eSight has launched a pledge to help the 50 million people worldwide living with vision loss and blindness by 2020 through a new campaign. The company’s Make Blindness History campaign is looking to work with organizations, schools, medical professionals, community organizations, and public officials to provide its technology to the legally blind. eSight is also facilitating fundraising campaigns to help legally blind individuals obtain its glasses. “More than a quarter of a billion people on this planet lack the incredibly precious gift of sight,” stated Jeffrey Fenton, eSight’s director of outreach and communications. “Their experiences – in the classroom, in the workplace, in the home – are significantly and unfairly limited. Every once in a while, a new technology is introduced that changes absolutely everything. eSight is an example of that. Now that eSight exists, an overwhelming majority of the legally blind community has the chance to actually see. They can work for a living, proudly pay taxes, study to their fullest potential in the classroom, and they can perform and experience nearly every activity of daily life as their sighted peers do. The time has come for us to Make Blindness History, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in virtually every corner of our society, where those living with vision loss need our help.” (more…) 

Think Research to support eVisit (Virtual Visits) Primary Care Pilot in Waterloo Wellington region

By Think Research
We are pleased to announce that the successful vendor to support the eVisit Primary Care pilot in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN) is Think Research, a Toronto-based company that offers a number of clinical tools that connect patients and clinicians to each other while facilitating best practices. Think Research will work with the eHealth Centre of Excellence, Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and other stakeholders to provide a customized and secure online platform that healthcare providers participating in the year-long pilot project will use for virtual interactions and communication – secure audio, video, and messaging – with patients residing within the WWLHIN. The pilot project is designed to support timely access to care and continuity of care. (more…) 

Moleculight wound scanner shows bacteria glowing if your body is infected

By Clare Wilson
THE surgeon was poised to carry out a skin graft when he decided to try out an experimental device to check for infection. Called the MolecuLight i:X, it shows the presence of bacteria in real time as an eerie fluorescent glow. The patient was a 47-year-old man whose leg had been amputated above the knee. He had endured one infection already and the surgeon didn’t want to risk another. “I was ready to perform surgery on this patient. The wound looked clean,” says Steven Jeffery of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Birmingham, UK. One look through the machine, however, and the operation was called off. The wound glowed red at the edge, showing it was riddled with bacteria that would probably have caused the skin graft to fail. (more…) 

SceneDoc Announces Partnership with a Police Department in California

The Critical Communications Review
Today, SceneDoc announces a partnership with the Ukiah Police Department in California to implement its ‘mobile first’ application for eCitation and reporting. Ukiah is the first agency in the state of California to roll out SceneDoc eCitation, leveraging iPads and iPhones to securely automate their paperwork, collect, manage and share digital evidence, while turning data into actionable intelligence for broader public safety. “When we saw the depth of capabilities offered by the SceneDoc platform, my team and I, along with the city administration, were immediately convinced this software would power a meaningful change. Far too long have police been falling behind with technology adoption, investing in tablets and smartphones is critical for law enforcement in current day. SceneDoc will also extend and compliment the capabilities of our TriTech Inform Records Management System, unleashing new power to our officers,” says Chief of Police, Chris Dewey. (more…) 

MolecuLight technology makes the invisible enemy of wound care, visible to clinicians across the world.

Rachel Cunningham
LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smith & Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), the global medical technology business, today announces the European launch of MolecuLight i:XTM, the easy to use, handheld imaging device that instantly measures wound surface area and visualises the presence and distribution of potentially harmful bacteria in wounds.2,3 Currently wound assessments are made with the naked eye which can lack the accuracy required to most effectively guide clinical decision making.4 Using fluorescence, MolecuLight i:X quickly, safely, and easily visualises potentially harmful bacteria1,2,3 in wounds which may otherwise lack signs or symptoms of infection. It enhances a clinician’s ability to choose the right therapy, at the right time for their patient1,2 and can help to guide wound sampling and debridement,1,5,6 monitor wound progression,2,3 improve patient engagement4,5 and simplify wound documentation.1 (more…)   

MolecuLight’s Revolutionary Technology Will Help Over 2M People Across Europe

Ian Withers
FTSE 100 medical products firm Smith & Nephew has launched a digital scanner that enables nurses to make an on-the-spot diagnosis as to whether a wound is infected. The handheld device, called MolecuLight, instantly determines whether harmful bacteria are present in a wound. Currently nurses have to send a swab off to a lab for analysis, causing delay in treatment. In clinical trials Smith & Nephew found using the scanner led to 54pc more accurate diagnoses and wounds healing up to nine times faster.

Smith & Nephew hopes sales of the device will boost its wound care division, which accounts for around a quarter of its $4.7bn (£3.5bn) annual revenues. The firm came under pressure last month to improve performance after it emerged activist investor Elliott Advisors had built up a stake and was pushing for the company to be broken up. Read More 


SceneDoc partners with New Zealand Police for eNotes proof-of-concept

WELLINGTON, NZ — SceneDoc, public safety’s trusted data collection platform, announces today a partnership with New Zealand Police to undertake a Proof of Concept (PoC) leveraging their commerical-off-the-shelf (COTS) eNotes application. “NZ Police are exploring how we can use our current Police-issued iPhones to allow officers to collect and share their notes digitally,” says Superintendent Rob Cochrane, Director of Mobility and Innovation.  The Proof of Concept will run for a six-week period with a focus on learning and understanding what Police need from a notes application. The findings will inform future decisions for a digital notebook capability in an operational environment. Read More   

Exact Imaging Uses Machine Learning for Semi-Automated Smart Detection of Prostate Cancer

Daniel Rohdbach
Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of male cancer-related death in the U.S. with approximately 1 in 7 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime[i].  Detection and diagnosis of this significant disease presents a major clinical challenge because the current standard-of-care imaging method, conventional transrectal ultrasound, cannot reliably distinguish cancerous from non-cancerous prostate tissue.  Therefore, prostate biopsies for definitively diagnosing cancer are currently delivered in a systematic but “blind” pattern.  Other imaging methods, such as MRI, have been investigated for guiding biopsies, but MRI involves complicated procedures, is costly, is poorly tolerated by most patients, and  demonstrates significant variability among clinical sites and practitioners.  Read More